Last updated: Jan 18 2009, 23:03:31
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Danelle's customs - terms and conditions


Please note that I am not accepting commissions at t his time. Please join my YahooGroups list for information about upcoming paint slots, lotteries, sales pieces, etc.

Effective January 1, 2009, my painting prices and policies are as follows. (Please note that for pieces accepted and in my possession prior to this date, the earlier pricelist applies.)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to flareups of carpal tunnel syndrome after handling the heavy resins, I no longer accept heavy traditional and oversize traditional pieces, i.e., many of the heavier Eberl pieces, etc. I reserve the right to refuse and return any resin I deem "too heavy" to its owner. I also *insist* that all pieces come to me prepped and ready to paint, as I've developed allergies to too many things in the last ten years and don't wish to add resin dust to my list of substances that must be avoided. Additional prepping that may be needed will be charged at the rate of $35/hr.


Solid with or without light dappling: $325
Roans, Heavy dappling, dapple greys: $400
Appies and Pintos: $450


Solid with or without light dappling: $200
Roans, heavy dappling, dapple greys: $240
Appies and Pintos: $300

Little Bit:

Solid, with or without light dappling: $150
Roans, heavy dappling, dapple greys: $175
Appies and Pintos: $210


Solid, with or without light dappling: $125
Roans, heavy dappling, dapple greys: $160
Appies and Pintos: $200

I use fine artists' quality oil paints, with detailing added in gesso, acrylic, and colored pencil. Vulnerable areas such as ear tips, mane tips, nostril edges, etc., that are likely to suffer wear due to handling and tack application/removal, are given extra protection to guard against rubs and preserve the paint job. Hooves, eyes and nostril glossing are included in the price.

Prices don't include shipping and insurance. Depending on my backlog, turnaround time is usually about three to five months. Customer has one week after receiving the piece for final approval; showing within that time invalidates this clause. PAYMENT: 1/2 down, 1/2 upon completion of model -- FIRM! PayPal, money orders, and checks are all accepted. No trades, except for models that are on my limited want list (i.e., Bogucki resins, Rose resins, some Carol Williams resins).

I'm happy to paint just about any resin that a client provides, but I do insist that resins come to me fully prepped (but NOT primed. Just prepped.) This prepping -- which includes sanding, filling holes and divots, and getting the piece as smooth as can be -- is something that the client can do her/himself, or, it can be sent to one of several resin prepping services that cater exclusively to this need (I can highly recommend someone - just ask.) Resin-prepping is not only time consuming for any artist, but I've found that I'm developing allergies to many things as I get older and don't want to add resin and plastic dust to this growing list.

I am not responsible for unseen resin defects (i.e., leeching, "sinkholes," pour holes that may become shiny or sticky down the road, etc.) that may show up following the completion of the paint job. I've only seen this happen twice in all the horses I've painted (and luckily, they were both pieces I kept for my own showstring!) but I do want you to know that sometimes these issues do crop up down the road.

I would also like to add a disclaimer that while I *will* paint plastics (fully prepped), I cannot guarantee them against the "stickiness" issues that so many artists have been experiencing with some molds, though I will take every known precaution to guard against this problem.

Please be aware that there are always risks when sending a model for painting. Though I'll carefully store and care for your model while it is in my possession, I will not be held responsible for any damage caused by shipping, fire, weather or "Acts of God." If a piece does incur damage while in my possession, I will repair the piece at no charge.

Please make sure you immediately open the box containing your freshly painted horse, and store it on a shelf in, preferably, a climate-controlled room. Never store any painted pieces in bubblewrap, plastic, or cloth, as during hot, humid days, these and other materials can and will damage the finish on your paintjob.

Finally, I am always very appreciative when clients keep me advised of their horses' showring successes, so do share!

Many thanks for your interest in having me bring to life a horse for you!