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Danelle's customs - Other Colors

Unnamed - Linda York's rare Paso resin, commissioned and owned by Janet Vernon. Completed December, 2007. (Note - board that serves as base is temporary; owner wished to finish base herself.)
Mighty Tasty Caramel Slice - Sarah Rose's "Independence" resin in black silver dapple. Commissioned and owned by Cynthia Cheung; completed October, 2006.
Yakkity Axe - Lynn Fraley's classic-size "Chet" TWH resin in silver dapple buckskin. Commissioned and owned by Ann Bilon, and completed September, 2006.
Desert Gold - Sarah Rose's mini Nahar resin in dappled palomino, commissioned and owned by Kathy Stuck. Completed February, 2006.
Unnamed - Sarah Minkiewicz-Bruenig's "Taboo" mini resin, painted in lightly dappled chocolate palomino sabino. Owned by Brenda Metcalf, completed in January 2006.
Clothed In Majesty - my "Advent horse," this is Sarah Rose's "Independence" resin painted as silver dapple buckskin. TOP TEN at NAN 2006 in both AR/OS WORKMANSHIP - TRADITIONAL - OTHER COLOR and also BREED/HALTER-Gaited Type-TWH. Additionally, Reserve Grand Champion CM/AR at NESE, 2006, and Top 10 at Nor'easter Live 2006. Completed December, 2005; collection of the artist.
Unnamed - Peter Stone mini "Chips" Drafter with customized mane and tail by Karen Zorn, painted in subtly dappled black. Completed June 2005. Commissioned and owned by Nancy Brandenburg.
Clifton's Almighty - Sarah Rose's "Independence" resin, painted silver dapple. Commissioned and owned by Kate Cabot, multi-NAN-qualified and Live Show Reserve Grand Champion. Also, Regional Champion at Region X Regionals, 2005! Completed spring 2005.
Habanero - Sarah Rose's Chevyo mini resin painted in mouse dun sabino. NAN qualified and live show champion. Complected October 2004, collection of the artist.
Kensington's Johnnie Bravo -- Carol Williams' "Knightly Cadence" Morgan resin in buckskin; commissioned and owned by Danielle Miller. Grand Champion Light Breed and Overall Reserve Grand Champion of the AR/CM division in his first halter show. CM Performance Grand Champion at NESE 2006, Grand Champion Western at Smokey Mountain Spring Fling 2006, TOP TEN at NAN 2006 in AR/OS WORKMANSHIP - Traditional -Other Color. Completed September, 2004.
Kolekole -- Jennifer Kistler's "Tsunami" traditional size Arabian resin, painted golden chestnut rabicano. All hairing done with colored pencil. Commissioned and owned by Kate Cabot. NAN-qualified in live show debut under judge Carlee Balling, NAN qualified again at Region 10 Regionals. Completed May, 2004
"Flaxley" mini resin in dappled palomino, commissioned and owned by Beth Rappleyea. Completed March, 2004.
Flotation Device -- Lynn Fraley's small classic size "Chet" Tennessee Walking Horse resin, done in oils with "scratch" technique to red roan sabino overo ... literally hundreds -- thousands? -- of tiny, pin-etched hairs. Several times NAN-qualified from large Gaited classes, Top 10 Champion in live showing. Completed February 2004, collection of the artist.
Kathi Boguki's Strawberry Jam American Saddlebred resin, painted in softly dappled palomino. Collection of Jackie Moore, completed July 2003, retouched summer 2005.
HEAVY CREAM -- Sarah Rose mini "hairy" Oberon resin in dappled light golden chestnut/palomino in April, 2003. Double NAN-qualified in first live show, collection of the artist.
COLONIAL MAPLE -- Sarah Rose UVM Yesteryear resin in silver dapple, completed in November 2002. Collection of Chris Wallbruch (commission).
Carlee Balling Mini Warmblood resin in dappled palomino, completed in February, 2002, and since destroyed.
KNIGHTLY KOMOTION -- Peter Stone Arabian in black, with slightly turned head and mohair mane and tail; completed in April, 2002. Owned and photographed by Denise Morin (thanks, Denise, for sending and sharing the pictures!)