Last updated: Jan 18 2009, 22:28:12
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Welcome to Danelle's customs!

Welcome to my little gallery! Here are some customs I've done since I rejoined the model horse hobby back in 1999. I've tried to organize these pieces according to color and completion date, i.e., the most recently completed pieces are first. All my work is done in fine oils, with detailing added in colored pencil and/or prismacolor. Enjoy your visit!

If you would like to have a model customized, please read the Pricing, Terms and Conditions first, before contacting me.

This site is a work in process, and will be updated continuously as my collection grows and my gallery acquires more photos, so check back often. In the meantime, thank you for stopping by, and do enjoy your visit!

All the best,

-- Danelle Gatcombe