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Danelle's customs - Greys

MINI WARMBLOOD sculpted by Carlee Balling, and finished in light dapple grey; commissioned and owned by Ann Harris. Completed July, 2008.
MINI BOREAS resin sculpted by Karen Gerhardt and finished in dark dapple grey; commissioned and owned by Lindy Pinkham, February, 2008. NAN qualified.
MINDY (mini Independence) resin sculpted by Sarah Rose and finished in dapple grey; completed January 2008. In the collection of Marilou Mol.
Unnamed Shah Azim resin sculpted by Maggie Bennett and commissioned by Melissa Pearce; completed May, 2007.
Jamila - Stacey Tulinson's mini Ziryab resin in dapple rose grey. Completed February, 2007. Collection of the artist.
Suhaiba - Cathy Bercier's "Amirah" Arabian resin in dapple rose grey; commissioned and owned by Susan Hurst and completed in January, 2007.
Unnamed - Karen Gerhardt's mini Caprice resin in dapple grey; sales piece, owned by Lauren Islip of Australia.
Unnamed - Animal Artistry mini rearing Arabian stallion resin painted in dapple rose grey, with painted-on shoes. Donation for Hampton Roads Live, completed September, 2006.
Roseridge Simon - Stacy Tumlinson's mini "Finn" resin. NAN-qualified and Region X Regionals Champion. Commissioned and owned by Kate Cabot; completed June, 2006.
Unnamed - Peter Stone Arabian moderately customized by Sue Kern and painted by Danelle Gatcombe to dapple rose grey sabino. Completed May, 2006. NAN qualified, and owned by Kellye Bussey.
Unnamed - Brigitte Eberl's Arabian mare resin "Pasquita," commissioned and owned by Linda Zaitlin. Completed April, 2006.
Magikhal - Sarah Rose's mini Nahar resin painted to early-stage bay-going-grey. Completed October, 2005, commissioned and owned by Kate Cabot.
Fleur de Sel ("sea salt") - NAN 2006 RESERVE NATIONAL CHAMPION AR/OS SPANISH TYPE OTHER PURE/MIX/GRADE (BREED) and TOP 10 AR/OS SM/LB/CLASSIC SCALE GREY/ROAN (WORKMANSHIP): Sarah Rose's "Nevada" resin painted to late-stage grey, shown as a French "Camargue" horse. NAN qualified in her first show (Region X Regionals), then went on to win a Top Five rosette, and from there, went on to win two regional championships, one in Workmanship, one in Breed! Completed October 2005, commissioned and owned by Kate Cabot.
Kratos - Kitty Cantrell's "Crusher" resin in black-going-grey. Completed October, 2005, commissioned and owned by Tami Blankenship.
Sarah Rose's "Lirico" resin painted in light dappled mulberry rose grey; completed June, 2005, owned by Sonya Johnson. Multi-NAN qualified, 2x Live Show Champion.
Two rose grey Nahars - "Esthero" owned by Jacquie Fernandez, and "Raen" owned by Tami Blankenship; both completed spring 2005.
Raen - Sarah Rose's mini "Nahar" resin in dark dapple rose grey. Owned by Kellye Bussey. Completed June, 2005.
Kathleen Moody's Infinity II in black-going-grey; completed June, 2005. 2x-NAN qualified, Res. Champion CM Light Breed at Laura Behning's 18th annual Southern Model Horse Convention; also Res. Champion AR/Carriage/Sport Horse at his 2nd show. Owned by Janet Vernon.
Esthero -- Sarah Rose's mini Nahar in dapple rose grey; completed April 2005. Multi-NAN qualified; Light Breed Champion at Minis To The Max (2006), Live. Collection of Jacquie Fernandez.
Sarah Rose's "Deseoso" in black-going-grey; all proceeds from paintjob were given as a benefit to help a family in Virginia Beach devastated by a house-fire on Christmas Eve in which their little girl was killed. Completed February, 2005.
Om El Tarif - Brigitte Eberl's "Tamino" resin painted in medium dapple grey with rose hints. Completed October 2004. In the collection of Janet Vernon. (Final two photos taken by Donna Miller and used with her permission - thank you, Donna!) Overall Grand Champion CM/AR at NW Expo in Corvallis, WA June 2006.
Brigitte Eberl's Verocchio resin in dapple rose grey, commissioned by Valerie Sydor and completed in August 2004.
Linda York's "Intaada" small traditional Arabian mare resin in dapple grey, commissioned and owned by Linda Peacock. Completed May, 2004. NAN qualified.
"Sentinel" mini resin in dove dapple rose grey, commissioned and owned by Beth Rappleyea. Completed February, 2004.
Imagine -- Jennifer Reid's Lord Of The Rings resin painted in a dark dapple rose grey; done in oils, with acrylic and colored pencil detailing. Owned by Janet Vernon.
Sarah Rose's "Deseoso" resin in rose dapple grey; completed June, 2003; collection of Suzy Meathrell (commission).
KHEEN WASABI -- Sarah Rose's elusive "Khemosabi" Arabian resin in rose dapple grey; completed May, 2003, collection of Kate Cabot (commission). Now 2x NAN qualified and a Top 10 Champion.
Breyer Proud Arabian Mare with some resculpting, added metal horseshoes, done in rosey dove grey with dappling. Completed in March, 2003. Owned by Michele Thorstenstein.
Peter Stone pony in black-going-grey, completed in February 2002. Live show champion. Owner, unknown.
Animal Artistry mini standing Arabian stallion resin in chestnut-going-grey, completed in late 2002. Collection of Linda Sheppard (commission).
Breyer Lonesome Glory Thoroughbred done in black-going-grey; completed in May, 2002 and donated to Myla Pearce benefit auction, owner unknown.
AK Marsee Emira -- Gina Anderson/Hall's PF Al Shama Arabian filly resin, painted in dapple grey. 2x NAN qualified, Res. Champion Light Breed. Owned by Ann Baldock of Australia. Completed March, 2002.
Peter Stone Arabian with lowered head, resculpted neck, mohair mane and tail, metal shoes, and finished in chestnut going grey. Last owned by Alice Horton, completed January 2002 (eBay sale).
TYFOON -- Peter Stone Arabian done as a portrait model of the young Ansata King Tut. Live show winner (5th place in 30-strong resin and CM class) at NEMHC in summer 2002, then went on to win 1st in Simple Customs/NAN-qualify at SCC Live (February 2002) under new owner Sarah Minkiewicz-Bruenig! Painted in May, 2001; collection of Sarah Minkiewicz-Bruenig (eBay sale).
TULAT -- Breyer Classic Man O' War in light dappled grey with some resculpting and added mohair mane and tail, completed August 2001 (private sale).
KNICKERS `N A KNOT -- Anne Harris' Bubba resin painted to medium dapple grey. Completed August 2001 and owned by Lisa Algarin. Live Show Reserve Champion! (eBay sale)
Kate Schick's "Oscar" Arabian resin in medium dapple grey, owned by Anita Poole, completed June 2001 (commission).
Breyer "Firebird" porcelain painted in fine oils to a frosty, dapple rose grey; completed in May, 2001.
AK SHAULA -- Breyer PAM painted in fine oils to a very light "mulberry" dapple rose grey; some resculpting work done to head, left front leg straightened, added shoes. Completed in May, 2001, collection of the artist.
Breyer SM Andalusian in dappled rose grey, completed in May, 2001. Collection of Shannon Tostanoski (eBay sale).
ABINGDON DAOUD -- Peter Stone Arab with lowered head, resculpted neck, mohair mane and tail, metal shoes. Done in dapple gray and completed in April, 2001. Named for my beloved father, David N. Colson, who passed away while I was in the process of creating this model. Collection of the artist.
JI NADIR -- Eberl "Walking Arabian Stallion" painted dark dapple grey; in April, 2001. Last owned by Jennifer Baker. (eBay sale)
Breyer SM Arab stallion in dapple grey, completed March, 2001 and owned by Michele Thorstenstein.
SHAKESPEARE -- Carlee Balling's SM-size Arabian resin, in dark dappled grey, completed in February 2001. Collection of Lesley Comer.
BAHIR EL SHAKLAN -- *Padron "head up" version sculpted by Vicki Keeling in chestnut dappling out to grey. Added metal horseshoes. Proudly owned by Collette Robertson. Completed in January, 2001. (private sale).
ELHAM EL NEFOUS+ -- Eberl "Asmody" traditional size Arabian stallion in bay going grey. NAN qualified and is a photo show Grand Champion in CM Halter. Completed in December, 2000, collection of Roxanne McHatten-Gura.
LONESOME SHADOW -- Breyer "Lonesome Glory" in medium dapple gray with added metal horseshoes. NAN qualified and took a CM championship at his first live show! Completed in autumn, 2000, and owned by Bethany Peslar (eBay sale).
ABINGDON FIRELORD -- Breyer SM Rearing Arab Stallion in dapple rose grey. Completed in summer, 2000 and sold at Breyer Brunch 2002.
WELLINGTON -- Breyer "Big Ben" with resculpted bridle- friendly forelock and added shoes, in dapple rose grey. Completed in summer, 2000 and owned by Nancy Morgan (private sale).
ABINGDON SHAAH+ -- Breyer "Huckleberry Bey" in fleabitten grey. Added horseshoes, details enhanced by Prismacolor, NAN-qualified in his first show from the Repaint class, NAN- qualified again at his second show after winning a large half-Arab class. Completed in early 2000. Collection of the artist.
RIDER OF THE STORM -- Breyer "Sham" with slightly resculpted muzzle, ears, left hind leg, in dapple grey. Completed in autumn, 2000, and owned by Jill Griffin (eBay sale).