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Danelle's customs - Chestnuts

RAYNA - Breyer Proud Arabian Mare finished in dark liver 'oxblood' chestnut. Commissioned and owned by Michele Thorsteinson. Completed July, 2008.
FLAME - Morgen Kilbourn's "Dinky Duke" mini TB resin painted in bright flame-chestnut as a commission for Corrie McDermott; multi NAN-qualified and Live Show Champion; NAN Top 10 in Workmanship (2008). Completed July, 2008. (photographs by Corrie McDermott, and used with permission.)
Fame Willie Skip - Sarah Rose's "Lonestar" resin, commissioned and painted as a pseudo portrait model of Kate Cabot's real QH by the same name. Completed July, 2007. Collection of Kate Cabot.
Unnamed - Traditional Nahar resin sculpted by Sarah Rose and commissioned by Tami Blankenship. Completed March, 2007.
PacMan - Laura Behning mini Morgan resin painted as a portrait model of my dear friend Andrea's late Morgan gelding, "PacMan." Completed December, 2006, and in the collection of Andrea and Doug Coursey.
Mambo Number Five ("Lou") - Sarah Rose's "Independence" resin in golden liver chestnut. NAN qualified in both Breed and Workmanship and Top 10'd in his very first show, and Top 10'd in both Breed and Workmanship at Empire Live (his second show) ... Live show performance champion, as well! Original braids removed and redone in real ribbon by Danielle Miller (most photos show him before he was "re-braided" ... performance photos courtesy of Danielle Miller). Commissioned and owned by Danielle Miller, and completed in July, 2006.
A Royal Paine - named in homage to 18th century philosopher/patriot Thomas Paine, this horse was a collaboration between Chris Jahlee and Danelle Gatcombe on Chris' "WBP Covenant Kept" resin. Chris slightly resculpted and gelded him, and he was then painted to a dapple liver chestnut by Danelle Gatcombe. Ebay sale. NAN qualified at his first show (Granite State Live 2006), owned by Janet Vernon.
Eva - NAN 2006 TOP TEN AR/OS GAITED/SPANISH TYPE FOALS (BREED) and NAN 2006 TOP TEN AR/OS TRADITIONAL CHESTNUT (WORKMANSHIP)!!! Kathi Bogucki's lovely "Strawberry Jam" resin as a true redhead. Named for the wicked and wily heroine of my tenth published book. NAN qualified, live show champion. Completed February, 2006; collection of the artist.
Celsiana - Brigitte Eberl's "Mahibah" Arabian mare resin, painted in iron oxide liver chestnut. Probably my very favorite Eberl resin, with so much character and sweetness, but like Sarah Rose's Nahar, is very hard to photograph. Completed February, 2006; collection of the artist.
Sexy Rexy Rose -- WV Portrait Resin by Karen Gerhardt in chocolate liver chestnut. Commissioned and owned by Susie Ellis. Completed November, 2005.
Rikka -- Carlee Balling's mini Warmblood resin in liver chestnut sabino. Completed September, 2005, commissioned and owned by Tanya Kopkey.
Vertical Horizon - Lermond "Vertical Limit" in bright golden red-chestnut. Completed June 2005. Commissioned and owned by Jenn Al-Beik.
Party Mix -- NAN 2006 NATIONAL CHAMPION AR/OS THOROUGHBRED (BREED), and FINALIST FOR AR/OS TRADITIONAL CHESTNUT (WORKMANSHIP)!!! Kathi Bogucki's "ReRun" resin in liver chestnut. Portrait of my MRF G1 stakes winner, Party Mix. Multi-NAN qualified, and live show champion at Nor'Easter Live, Groton, MA, 2006. Completed spring, 2005. Collection of the artist.
Breyer Stablemate Arab Stallion painted in light golden chestnut. Completed in May, 2005. Commissioned and owned by Michele Thorstenstein.
Dixie - Breyer Stablemate Arab Mare painted in chestnut. Completed in May, 2005. NAN-qualified, commissioned and owned by Michele Thorstenstein.
Top Brass - Animal Artistry mini Thoroughbred resin painted to dappled chestnut. Completed January, 2005. NAN qualified, collection of the artist.
Unnamed Lermond "Ostentatious" resin in chestnut sabino; commissioned and owned by Gretchen Johnson. Completed March, 2005.
Emmaline - Lucas "Tesla" resin in baby (Belgian) chestnut - commissioned and owned by Daphne Mazuz, completed January, 2004. NAN-qualified and live show champion.
Snazzy - portrait model (a Christmas present!) of my sister's first horse, a QH. Breyer "Zippo" mold with resculpted mane, tail and hips. Completed December 2004 and owned by my sister.
Eagle - Stacy Tumlinson's "Desperado" resin in bright red chestnut sabino. Completed June 2004 and owned by Linda Zaitlin.
Martinis & Mayhem -- Carlee Balling's mini American Saddlebred resin in flaxen liver chestnut, commissioned and owned by Tanya Kopkey. Qualified in live showing for Region X Regionals. Completed January, 2004.
Marra Fee al-Haya -- Sarah Minkiewicz's rare and coveted 'Orinocco' resin, whose name means 'once in a lifetime.' I painted this one in a shaded flaxen liver chestnut and gave him lots of colored pencil detailing in his mane and tail (which don't show up in these photos, unfortunately), but he's awfully hard to photograph so none of these photos really show his detailing. One of only a few painted Orinocco resins in known existence, he NAN qualified and Top Tenned in his first show (JAHS 2003) and went on to win Champion Arabian at the Region X Regionals! Completed in September, 2003. Collection of the artist and is not for sale.
Asaalah -- Carlee Balling's mini Arab mare painted in liver chestnut sabino, commissioned by and in the collection of Betty Hook. Completed June, 2003.
Breyer SM leaping foal done in "baby" chestnut with added base; completed spring, 2003. Collection of Lisa Algarin (private sale).
FIERY BLAST -- Carlee Balling mini standing Morgan resin in liver chestnut, done as portrait model of the real Morgan gelding of the same name. A Christmas present to my dear friend, Andrea Coursey, and her husband Doug, owners of the real Fiery Blast. Completed December, 2002.
Beswick "Bois Roussell" thoroughbred restored and painted in chestnut. Collection of the artist, completed May 2002.
ABINGDON AFYRE -- Carlee Balling Arab resin painted to bright red chestnut; completed in March, 2001. Sold in private sale at 2002 Breyer Brunch.
Breyer classic Silky Sullivan CM'd to Al Khamsa/Babson-type Egyptian Arabian with higher croup and finished in dapple liver chestnut with mohair mane and tail. Completed in April, 2001, collection of the artist (currently scheduled for updating).
ASADD IBN ANTAR -- Eberl "Asmody" resin done in bright red chestnut with high whites; completed in February 2001 and owned by Beth Brownell.
ABINGDON MAYFAIR -- Breyer "Touch Of Class" in dappled chestnut with added horseshoes. An early work completed in summer, 2000, this was my first chestnut. Collection of the artist.