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Danelle's customs - Bays

BARBARO - Carol Williams. Valour resin, slightly customized (banged tail) and painted as a portrait model of ill-fated but brave Barbaro, Kentucky Derby Winner. Commissioned and owned by Jean Davis; completed June, 2008.
SPARK GAP resin finished in dark chocolate bay; commission for Linda Dean. Completed February, 2008. NAN qualified.
Tuhotmosphere - Brigitte Eberl's "Petite Prince" resin in dappled mahogany bay. Completed October, 2007. Collection of the artist.
Narcissa - Brigitte Eberl's "Narissa" resin in shaded bronze bay. Purchased and owned by Linda Zaitlin. NAN-qualified, live show champion (workmanship), and Region X Regionals Top Five (Workmanship) Champion! Completed May, 2007.
Unnamed Knightly Cadence Morgan resin sculpted by Carol Williams. Commissioned and owned by Jill Floyd; completed January, 2007.
Jette Aire - Carlee Balling's "Haute Aire" American Saddlebred resin, commissioned and owned by Gretchen Johnson. NAN qualified in his first show (NESE, 2006). Completed April, 2006.
Unnamed McDermott "Monya" resin, completed November 2005. Commissioned and owned by Marianna Stepniewski.
Country Gentleman - Sarah Rose Independence resin, completed July 2005. Commissioned and owned by Gretchen Johnson.
Bincombe - Breyer Stablemate "Native Dancer" in bay, done as portrait of MRF racehorse/sire "Bincombe." MRF Benefit, completed July 2005. Commissioned and owned by Susan Ploss.
Bethlehem - Breyer new mold TB SM mare made into an Arabian, with resculpted ears, mane and tail. Painted on shoes and nailheads. 100% Christmas benefit with all proceeds going to feed the homeless. (Note the Cross on Bethlehem's forehead!) Completed December, 2004. In the collection of Marla Phillips.
Ed Gonzales' "Serenity" Arabian resin in dappled chocolate bay. Commissioned and owned by Jennifer Gordon, completed in August, 2004
Abingdon Khemahl -- Breyer Stablemate Arabian stallion in dark seal bay with golden undertones. Photo show donation won by and owned by Cheryl Ridge of Australia. Completed March, 2004. Photos by Cheryl Ridge and used with permission.
Sunnyside - Breyer Strapless with resculpted "flippy" mane in dappled bay, completed January, 2004. Collection of Kate Cabot. NAN Qualified at Region 10 Regionals!
Foxglove Killarney Too -- Carlee Balling's mini Morgan in bay. Commissioned and owned by Tanya Kopkey. Qualified for Region X Regionals. Completed January 2004.
Quietly Amazing - Karen Gerhardt's traditional Arabian resin, Optime, in bay sabino. NAN qualified, and AMAHA Overall CM/AR Grand Champion in Halter. Completed December 2003 and owned by Shannon Tostanoski.
Hy-Tech Chanticleer -- Carlee Balling's traditional size American Saddlebred resin, commissioned by and in the collection of Kate Cabot. Some of these photos were taken pre-completion so that the owner could approve of the horse, and as such, the eyes, nostrils, etc. are not glossed (and the teeth aren't completed!) Completed December 2003. Multi-NAN qualified, multi live show champion. Top Five at Region 10 Regionals, 2005!
Hy-Tech Cinderella -- Kathi Bogucki's Strawberry Jam resin, commissioned by and in the collection of, Kate Cabot. Completed June 2003. Done in a juvenile bay, this lovely girl won the CM/AR foal class at JAHS 2003 and double NAN-qualified, and then went on to win Champion CM/AR Foal over a HUGE entry of foals in her one and only show to date! (She's the one second from the right in the first show-table photo after winning her initial class... the other photos show her sitting on three tables' worth of competition for the Championship Title that she won, and finally, her championship rosette!) Now multi-NAN qualified, a multi Top 10 Champion, and was Champion AR/CM Foal in Workmanship at NEMHC Live 2004.
Aboukir Bey - Sarah Rose's traditional "Nahar" resin done in golden-red bay minimal rabicano with added, handmade shoes. Named after the site of one of Lord Nelson's most famous victories. Overall CM/AR Grand Champion at Nor'easter Live, Groton, MA, 2006. A Multi live show Champion, Top 10 and Reserve Grand Champion, completed April 2003. Collection of the artist.
Pope "Hawkeye II" Morgan rein in bay, completed October 2002. Commissioned by and in the collection of Beth Rappleyea. (Photos are also by Beth Rappleyea.)
Kathi Bogucki "Showman" resin in dappled seal bay; NAN qualified first time out. Completed August, 2002, and owned by Kate Cabot (commission).
SAGACIOUS -- Sarah Rose "UVM Yesteryear" Morgan resin in dappled seal bay, completed in spring, 2002. NAN 2004 Grand Champion Morgan (AR). Collection of Jacqueline Moore (eBay sale).
S. F. FOX -- Animal Artistry mini Thoroughbred resin done in minimally shaded bay. Live Show Champion and Top Ten in first show! Completed spring, 2002. Collection of the artist.
EV IBN SHAI -- Keeling "King's Ransom" Arabian resin painted in fine oils to a shaded red bay; portrait model of the real *Simeon Shai, haired by Faye Cohen, and owned and commissioned by Susan Hooton of Emerald Valley Arabians. Completed July, 2001
MISS AMERICAN PIE -- Carlee Balling's Park Morgan resin in dark seal bay, completed September 2001. Collection of Melissa Hart (eBay sale).
Medusa - now in the collection of Shannon Tostanoski. No photos available.
KAFAR SHAREEFA, Breyer Classic Arabian Mare in dark dapple seal bay with mohair mane and tail, completed November 2001, collection of the artist.
Breyer SM Thoroughbred mare painted in dapple bay, collection of the artist (has been updated, since this photo was taken).
LANGLEY -- Breyer Lonesome Glory thoroughbred in dappled, shaded bay; completed in November, 2000. Collection of Jackie Arns.
*EL AHMAR ANTAR+ -- Brigitte Eberl "Walking Arabian Stallion" resin, in dappled chocolate red-bay. NAN qualified at his very first show from the Artist Resin class, top-tenned in TOPSA showing for 2000 after only three shows (including No. 1 in Traditional Stallions), and is also a photo show champion, first time out. Completed in Autumn, 2000, collection of the artist.
NORTHLIGHT MORGAN in dramatically shaded dappled red bay. Another early work completed in summer 2000, and owned by Dianne Flynn (eBay sale).
ABINGDON SHOWGIRL -- Breyer SM American Saddlebred done in copper bay with "chrome" and ermine spots, completed in 2000. Collection of the artist.