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Danelle's customs - Appaloosas and Pintos

MAVERICK - Sarah Minkiewicz-Bruenig's "Stormwatch" resin in toasty golden-chestnut sabino. Added scarring. Sales piece, completed July, 2008; collection of Julie Schiller, Devon, England.
KHONFLICT - Mini Nahar resin sculpted by Sarah Rose, and finished in black and white tobiano. Double NAN-qualified. Collection of Amanda Reed.
Al-Aashiq - Edwin Bogucki's impeccable "Aashiq" resin in black liver chestnut sabino. Sales piece but no takers, so retained by artist. NAN-qualified, multi live show champion, including CH Light Breed at Region X Regionals, 2007. Completed September, 2007. Collection of the artist.
Unnamed -- Carol Williams' traditional-size "Valor HP" Thoroughbred resin with resculpted mane. Painted chestnut sabino with significant roaning; loosely based on the real sabino Thoroughbred, "Airdrie Apache." Commissioned and owned by Ann Bilon; completed January, 2007.
Unnamed - Morgen Kilbourn's "Dinky Duke" mini Thoroughbred resin, painted in moderate chestnut sabino. Ebay sale; completed January, 2007.
Rifalla - Brigitte Eberl's "Amelia" small traditional Arabian mare resin in liver chestnut sabino. Sales/lottery piece, owned by Diane Parish. Completed August, 2006.
Unnamed - Kristina Lucas' "Morsel" mini resin in tobiano; commissioned and owned by Carly Smith, completed January, 2006.
Miz Dazee - Carol Williams' "Matriarch" resin painted as a silver grulla overo. Commissioned and owned by Linda Zaitlin. Completed December, 2005. Unshown.
Morgen Kilbourn's "El Embosco" resin in blue roan tobiano. Completed September, 2005, and sold by lottery. Current owner unknown.
Er Thom - Sarah Rose's mini Nahar in chestnut sabino. 6x NAN qualified, and a live show Reserve Champion. Completed August 2005 and owned by Shannon Tostanoski.
Sheza Dun Deal - Carol Williams "Matriarch" resin painted to peach dun overo. Completed April 2005. 2006 NAN TOP TEN in both AR/OS WORKMANSHIP - TRADITIONAL - OTHER PINTO PATTERN and also BREED HALTER/STOCK TYPE-PAINT. Collection of the artist.
Killswitch Engage - Sarah Rose's mini "Cheveyo" resin, painted in sorrel overo. Completed October, 2004. NAN-qualified. Last known owner: Lisa Pufahl.
Peter Stone ISH with resculpted mane and tail and one ear flicked back. Painted in liver chestnut tobiano with two blue eyes, sold on Ebay. As with most of my darker horses with white markings, I could not get good photos of this horse ... my camera overexposes the white against the dark. However, this fellow has mapped and feathered markings and you can just see them in one or two of the head-shot photos. His whole body is marked with the same detail, though you'd never know it by the photos! Completed in September, 2003 and in the collection of Julia Harmon.
Breyer QH Foal in appaloosa, completed in June 2001 and sold on eBay.
STARBUCK -- Breyer SM American Saddlebred painted in fine oils to a dappled bay tobiano; shell hooves, ermine spots, some resculpting done on head. Completed in May, 2001 and sold on eBay.
BELLADONA -- Breyer "Rejoice" NSH done in medium chestnut tobiano. Added horseshoes. Completed in Autumn, 2000, and owned by Kimberly Barskaitiki (eBay sale).