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SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER, with over 15 years experience in quality technical software development, control system software and networks, in the research and industrial fields. With specialist skills in:

  • C, C++/MFC, Tcl languages
  • ClearCase source code and configuration control
  • Unix/Linux (including system administration)
  • X windows & Motif
  • Microsoft Windows
  • TCP/IP networking
  • User interface design
  • Web site management and design (HTML and Perl)

Professional experience:


QC Solutions develops equipment for measuring characteristics of processed semiconductor wafers.

MKS Source Integrity software was used to control source code changes, and Bugzilla was used for defect and issue tracking.

SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER, FEI Company (formerly known as Micrion Corporation), Peabody, MA. 1998-2005.

FEI Company (formerly Micrion Corporation) is one of the world's leaders in focussed ion and electron beam systems, used in electron microscopes and deposition/etching tools for photomask repair.

New generation photomask repair tools are based on the Windows 2000 platform with distributed software sub-systems.

The older generation of photomask repair tools run on a Unix/AIX platform, under the Motif/X-windows environment. For both platforms, Rational ClearCase was used for all source code revision control purposes, and Rational ClearQuest was used for defect and issue tracking.

Micrion Corporation was bought by FEI Company in 1999.

SOFTWARE TESTER, Lernout and Hauspie, Burlington, MA. 1998 (Contract)

Lernout and Hauspie produce voice recognition software (Voice Express) that interfaces to Microsoft Word.

Lernhout and Hauspie went bankrupt and were bought by ScanSoft Inc. in 2001.

SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER, Eaton Corporation (now known as Axcelis Technolgies,) Beverly, MA. 1997-1998.

Eaton is a large engineering corporation whose semiconductor equipment division is a world leader in ion implanters for the semiconductor industry.

Eaton Semiconductor Equipment Operations became Axcelis Technologies Inc. in 2000.

SOFTWARE ENGINEER, Tessella Support Services, Abingdon, UK. 1990-1996.

Tessella is a British computer consultancy company providing software support for engineering and high technology companies.

Member of a team of software engineers supporting the research and diagnostic equipment computing requirements at JET, Europe's major nuclear research project.

Member of a team enhancing a software CAD package for banknote and high security document printing. RESEARCH ASSISTANT, The City University, London, UK. 1983-1990.

Member of a team of researchers investigating ultrasonic transducer properties, and developing innovative computer models to predict the behavior of prototype transducers. Modelling software was written in Fortran 77 on a Unix platform.


1990: Ph.D. Physics, Department of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering, The City University, London, UK.
Thesis: "Computer Modelling of High Resolution Ultrasonic Transducers."

1983: BSc (IIi) Electronics and Physics, Chelsea College, London University, UK.
Chelsea College has now been absorbed into Kings College, London.


British, with Green Card allowing permanent residence and permission to work in the United States.

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