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What I do for a living

[Image: Chris] I am a currently unemployed software engineer with extensive Unix/Linux and Windows software development/systems administration experience, and have worked in the research and industrial fields for almost 20 years. See my online resume (PDF) for further details.

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How I met my wife

[Image: Chris and Danelle] Danelle and I started out as pen-pals, sending each other occasional emails across the internet in April 1994. I had put my name on an internet pen-pal request list, and Danelle wrote to me first. After a few short weeks, we were sending each other two emails each day. Then we started to phone each other, and pretty soon we knew something special was happening. Danelle visited me first in June 1994, and then I made a return trip in August 1994 during which time I asked her to marry me. I'm glad she said "yes"! Danelle moved to England to be with me in November 1994, along with her aging dog Roscoe, who had to be quarantined over a cold winter. We were married in England on March 4th, 1995, and repeated the ceremony a month later in America.

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