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Some points about the construction and viewing of the pages on this site.

Graphic images

Many of these pages use digital or scanned photographs that have 16 million colours or more. Your computer will need a display capable of handling this many colours to see the pictures at their best. A video card that can only handle 256 colours will tend to "dither" the colours and the result won't look terribly good. Look for a "TruColor (32 bit)" or "HighColor (16 bit)" videocard, and make sure your operating system is set to use the card in its highest resolution mode, and highest refresh rate.


If you are using older versions of the popular Netscape, Mozilla, or Internet Explorer browsers (pre v3/v4), be aware that they are not compliant with newer versions of the HTML standards (see below), and may not display everything in the way I am expecting when I test the pages on my PC at home. Such browser-dependant items include:

I use such extensions sparingly (if at all), since I aim to present content in such a way that it is visible by as many people as possible, without having to insist on specific browser versions just to view the page.

HTML 4.01 I have to make an assumption that pretty much everyone has at least Internet Explorer 5 or 6, Netscape 6 or 7, or Mozilla Firefox these days (my web logs show that these are the most popular browsers), where they adhere to newer, better defined versions of the HTML standards. All pages are compliant with the HTML 4.01 specifications. (I use an on-line validator to test the pages for standards compliance.) If you are using an older browser, or even an obscure browser that has difficulty rendering certain items on these pages, I can only suggest you upgrade to a newer version of your browser. This is the only time I must insist on a reasonable level of browser-compliance. My browser of choice is .

As far as computer operating systems, the most popular by far is MS Windows (XP mostly, followed by 98, 2000, Me and NT). Unix (Linux) comes a long way behind.


So how do I test these pages? At home I have several PCs that run Windows XP home, or Linux. At work I also use Windows XP pro. These Windows PCs run various browsers: noteably Netscape (v4.7 and v7.02), Internet Explorer (v6.0, and v7.0), and Mozilla Firefox (v2.x). For testing pages under Internet Explorer v5 and v6, I use virtual machines running windows 2000 with Internet Explorer 5 and 6. These run in separate windows on my XP PC. My Linux box (which acts as my web server, and file server) can also use Lynx, a text-based web browser. I use most, if not all of these browsers to test my pages for display/formatting/content problems before I allow my pages to go live.

Web hosting

Pair Networks So where do I put these pages for you to be able to see them? I use a company called to host my web pages. They manage what is called my virtual web host, which is the computer that actually stores and serves you the pages you are viewing. I don't have the luxury of my own dedicated computer to do this, so this is a good and inexpensive compromise. I highly recommend them.


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